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2019 Residential Pool & Spa Services

Service Call or Repair Call $125


Regular Weekly Service: Includes Chemicals $80

Regular Bi-Weekly Service: Includes Chemicals $90


Extra Pool Vacuuming $60 per ½ hour


Out of Area Service Charge $50-$75

(20-40 miles from Frederick, MD)


Raised Wall Charge $25.00

In Floor Cleaning System $25 extra, per head 


Pool Opening $375 w/ Spa $425

Remove, fold and place cover in on-site storage container (bag, box, etc.), Startup of entire pump and filter system. Install gauges, plugs, and baskets. Test heater, if applicable. Brush water line. Assemble ladders, rails, and diving board. Vacuum the pool (1/2 hour). Initial dose of shock to the pool water.


Pool Closing $400 w/ Spa $450

Vacuum pool (excessive leaf removal extra, we will not vacuum if we cannot see the bottom of the pool, including the deep end) Blow out lines and install winter plugs. (plugs not included) Clean and drain filter. (DE grids and cartridges are left inside the filter) Cover pool with owners cover. Add antifreeze to skimmers. Lower water level. Remove ladders and grab rails. Remove pool accessories. Add winter chemicals.

Commercial or Public Services

contact: info@snowdenpoolservices.com


**Pricing Subject to Change

We Accept Payment by: Credit Cards,

Pay Pal, SPS LLC eGift Cards, Square, Venmo, Checks and Cash

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Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Vacuum, Skim and Brush Pool, as needed

  • Scrub Tile Line, as needed

  • Empty Skimmer Baskets

  • Empty Automatic Cleaner Bag

  • Empty Pump Basket, As Needed

  • Test Water/Adjust Chemistry, as needed

  • Backwash, DE or Clean Filters, as needed

  • Check Water Level

  • Check Filtration Equipment

  • Check Heater Operation, if applicable